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YogaHealing Event


YogaHealing Event
A YogaHealing Group Event looks like an ordinary Yoga class, given by your regular yoga teacher.
The extra lies in the presence of an Energy Healer who works on the group as a whole during the event. 
The yoga exercises help the body to relax and open up, while the Energetic Healing Work builds on this by making deep emotional releases happen.

Most people experience a profound diffence after a YogaHealing Event: a deep sence of Silence and tranquility.
For some this experience filled them with joy for weeks to come.

About Healing
During Energetic Healing Work we allow healing energies to flow.
We achieve this by connecting to our inner source.
This source is always present, and there to help us.

An Energy Healer uses his own energy system as a bridge to let healing energies flow into your system where needed.
It helps to release emotional trauma, fear patterns and other stuck emotions.   

Energic Healings can be done on an individual and on a group level.

The fascilitator
Much of the effects of the YogaHealing Event depends on the quality of the Healer,

Wilmar is a highly trained and experienced Healer/Transformational Coach.
He has guided hundreds of clients, through deep transformation processes.
Wilmar is based in the Netherlands and helps clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and US.