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Staying Grounded, Focused in times of Chaos.
4 Distance Group Healings - 1.5 hours per healing - Every week on Sundays

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Goal of the Healings:

Connecting us to a place within ourselves which remains unwavered when we experience outer turmoil. Each session has its own focus:


Healing#1:     Clearing emotional blockages:
                        What is happening around us activates old unresolved emotional patterns. By clearing them it is easier to stay present ‘in the moment’.

Healing#2:     Recognizing your True Self.
Your ‘biggest friend and ally’ is your True Self. We drop into our inner being to feel supported, to energize and to stay focused.

Life is a lesson.

                        Life helps us to find ourselves by pulling on our ‘false sense of security’. Our real unwavering security is our connection with Source: our true being. We break down what keeps us from experiencing Source.

Falling into heart.

                        Letting go of our mental concepts of life and open up to the power, love and joy that is in our heart.

Combined, these four healings provide a powerful tool for transformation. 


Healing #1:     September 6th

Healing #2:     September 13th

Healing #3:     September 20th 

Healing #4:    September 27th

Healing #1:     October 4th

Healing #2:     October 11th

Healing #3:    October 18th

Healing #4:     October 25th


- You can participate from any date.

- Sign Up for 4 consecutive healings

            ( for instance healing #1,2,3,4  or # 2,3,4,1 or  #3,4,1,2 or #4,1,2,3)

- Go for another round for extra impact.


This program is intended as a High Impact Program

So: Lots of Profound transformation.