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- The Circle of Life - 
   Healing Series

Staying Grounded And Focused in times of Chaos.
4 distance group healings - High Impact Program - Lots of Profound transformation.

time:            Sundays   8pm – 10pm  Amsterdam time
location:      wherever you are 

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Coronavirus ook in afvalwaterAt this moment we are experiencing the effects of the far reaching measures governments around the world are taking to combat the coronavirus. Life has changed for all of us. We are faced with a lot of insecurities: possible illness, losing income, shutting down of schools, restaurants, stores, and even closed borders. Some countries imposed curfews. The situation brings up fear and isolation issues. It is a small step to comparing the situation to that of war. As the Dutch prime minister stated: ‘’The measures that are being taken, here and elsewhere, are unheard of for countries during peacetime.’’

More than ever this is a time of personal transformation.
We cannot escape ourselves anymore.
Your biggest gift to the world is your personal growth!
A growth towards inner freedom and liberation.

During these times I offer you my help.


Staying Grounded And Focused in times of Chaos.

4 Distance Group Healings - 2 hours per healing - Every week on Sundays (8pm to 10pm CET )

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Goal of the Healings:
Connecting us to a place within ourselves which remains unwavered when we experience outer turmoil. Each session has its own focus:

Healing#1:   Clearing emotional blockages:

What is happening around us activates old unresolved emotional patterns. 
By clearing them it is easier to stay present ‘in the moment’.


Healing#2:    Recognizing your True Self.                     

Your ‘biggest friend and ally’ is your True Self. 
We drop into our inner being to feel supported, to energize and to stay focussed.

Healing#3:    Life is a lesson.                      

Life helps us to find ourselves by pulling on our ‘false sense of security’. 
Our real unwavering security is our connection with Source: our True Being. 
We break down what keeps us from experiencing Source.

Healing#4:    Falling into heart                      

Letting go of our mental concepts of life and open up to the power, love and joy that is in our heart.


Healing #1:   April 5th
Healing #2:   April 12th
Healing #3:   April 19th 
Healing #4:   April 26th
Healing #1:   May  3rd
Healing #2:   May 10th
Healing #3:   May 17th
Healing #4:   May 24th
Healing #1:   May 31st
Healing #2:   June 14th
Healing #3:   June 21th
Healing #4:   June 28st

The Program is repeated three time:

- You can participate from any date.

- Sign Up for 4 consecutive healings
    for instance healing #1,2,3,4  or # 2,3,4,1 or #3,4,1,2 or #4,1,2,3)

- Go for another round for extra impact.



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The Circle of Life

These healings are part of an ongoing annual program: The Circle Of Life. In The Circle Of Life, the 4 seasons symbolize a phase in our development.

Extra support

Even though the program has a deep working effect, you may still feel the need for some extra individual support. An individual session can then be of help. Individual sessions offer a laser focus on patterns that seem to be more stuck. Please contact me for bookings and more information.