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Examples of problems we treat

Our body, the carrier of our being, vibrates with all the inner blockages that we carry with us .

The therapy focuses on solving energetic blockages as deeply as possible so that emotional and physical balance is restored.

Because of the depth at which this therapy works it is extremely effective for a wide range of physical/emotional problems.

Limiting beliefs.
Beliefs are formed as a way to deal with our lives, both emotionally and mentally. However, some beliefs limit our freedom to cope effectively. The reason we hold on to such convictions is that an unresolved emotion is at the root of the belief .

A few examples of limiting beliefs:
• feelings of victimization: " I can’t help it…”
• feelings of powerlessness; “I can’t do it”
• fear of rejection; “I’m not good enough”
• anger;
• feelings of isolation; “I’m completely alone”.

The stronger the emotions behind these beliefs the more justified these beliefs seem to be.

The therapy focuses on solving the emotions in the heart of these beliefs. As a natural result of this the belief will then fade away.

Treatment focuses initially on restoring the overloaded nervous system. Next treatment addresses the underlying issues that were the reason for the burnout to occur.

Emotional stress is characterized by a (extensive) mental restlessness (= a lot of thinking). Prolonged stress can turn into a burnout . Treatment is aimed at disrupting the mental patterns so that contact with the inner place of silence can be restored. The issues underlying the stress will also be treated.

Anxiety / anxiety disorders
Deep fears can have a big impact on our lives. The therapy is aimed at destroying patterns of fear at all levels in where they manifest themselves. Organs immediately respond to fear. An example of this is the lungs. Solving deep fears may help prevent asthma from occurring. Also the kidneys are known to be prone to fear.

Stuck emotions
When we feel overwhelmed by an emotion it often feels to ‘big’ to bear. Fear arises and stops us from completely surrendering to the emotion. This way emotions can get stuck causing tensions at many levels in the system, both on physical and emotional levels.

The treatment aims to lead the system through a process of in-depth surrendering to facilitate the release of stuck emotions.After resolving these emotions organs function more freely again. In addition life in general can be experienced as being more effortless.

(Manic) depression
Depression is often caused by strongly held emotional and mental patterns combined with deep unresolved life experiences. The therapy focuses on unraveling and dissolving the emotional and mental patterns while gradually transforming the underlying unresolved emotional traumas.

Deep emotional trauma
Unresolved life experiences have a major impact on our overall sense of happiness and well-being. A trauma is often made up of several layers of issues. During the session they will gradually all be resolved.

Autism (including ADD, ADHD, PDD-NOS)
Autism is characterized by a tendency to withdraw emotionally. Treatment is aimed at neutralizing the causes of the need for withdrawal. Often there is also a great inner restlessness because of stuck emotions. The emotions are transformed to restore inner peace as much as possible.

Compulsive neurotic behavior
Compulsive neurotic behavior can be described as deeply ingrained (mental) behavior that is fed by a deep and fears of which we are not aware. The treatment focuses primarily on neutralizing the underlying fears that drive the behavioral patterns. This makes the behavior less compulsive and empowers the client to stop the behavior. 

Eating disorders
See “Compulsive neurotic behavior”.