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Wilmar VaartjesAbout Wilmar

LavaHealing is the Natural Healing Practice of Wilmar Vaartjes (born 1968). Wilmar is a trainedVortexHealing Practitioner. He also uses the Oneness Awareness approach, which came as part of his natural evolution.

The methods aim to achieve profound transformation in a relatively short space of time.

Wilmar started his training by transforming his own deep-seated issues.

"From my early childhood I have had asthma and eczema. At times the asthma was so severe that I was admitted to hospital several times. To me, it was always clear that asthma was reinforced by deep-seated emotions, especially anger and fear.

The process of deepening my awareness, that was started by following the Vortex Healing® training, has completely changed the way I live my life. The emotional sources that caused my asthma have been transformed at a deep level, and since 2006  I have not experienced asthma.

I achieved this by transforming all fear, anger and frustration, thus creating a sea of inner space. This process of ‘digging’ went so deep that pure ‘water of life’ sprang up from the depths. Now my system has become a source of healing for others. Working from this feeling of Oneness gives me an indescribable sense of joy and gratitude.”