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5 Nature-oriented principles

LavaHealing is part of BATC, a professional organization.
All BATC therapists work according to the so-called five nature-oriented principles. Each principle includes an element of the healing process. A BATC therapist is required to possess healing skills in all of the 5 nature-oriented principles.

1. Energy
Every recovery requires energy. Thefirst step is to re-instate the energy supply so that the system has enough energy to change.

2. Stimulus transfer
Proper functioning of the nerves to transfer stimuli is of great importance for communication within the body and it’s wellbeing.

3. Drainage
It is inevitable that we gather emotional and physical ballastin the courseof our lives. Detoxification, both emotionally and physically, is of great importance for optimal health.

4. Nutrition
Good nutrition is vitally important for the body’s well functioning. This involves both emotional and physical nourishment. Either insufficient or inappropriate emotional and physical nourishment can lead to an imbalance possibly resulting in diseases.

5. Psyche
By becoming aware of restrictive emotional patterns you can consciously change your thinking and behavioral patterns.