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We at LavaHealing provide powerful and fast working energetic healings to help you feel balanced and vigorous in life.

The treatment helps to solve emotional distress/trauma’s at their deepest roots.

Our treatment assists you in viewing your life as wholeness. This is characterized by experiencing feelings of accomplishment, more inner peace and balance, and faster restoring of emotional balance. Your life unfolds in a more effortless manner, both in your personal and business life.

LavaHealing provides treatment for:
  • stuck and unreleased emotions
  • stress / burn-out
  • depression
  • deep emotional trauma
  • deep fears & anxieties
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • physical conditions caused by emotional stress/trauma.
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Methods used:
We work with Oneness Awareness & VortexHealing® which provide support at a deep elemental level. Read more ...

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