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About the healing approach

Lava Healing Practice provides very powerful energetic healings that transform emotional issues at their deepest level.

Usually an immediate change is experienced directly after treatment. This is due to the depth with which our healing approaches penetrate your system.

During the sessions, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. During the session no special exercises are required. Falling asleep will not influence the effectiveness of the session. 

1. Oneness Awareness
In our lives we often experience ourselves as a separate individual. An "I" versus "others". If the identification with this "I" is released a new way of being is revealed. What once seemed separate is now deeply interconnected.

This state of being is incomprehensibleto our brains. Oneness Awareness is therefore a form of being that cannot be taught. It’s what you always were, but were not aware of.

Oneness Awareness is not a "method". It is the sheer power of BEING revealing itself. Oneness Awareness strives to change everything into light, looking for all that is still "asleep" to give it back its freeform. Oneness Awareness means totally surrendering to the essence of life itself

Oneness Awareness immediately acts on the energetic "knots" that underlie many kinds of physical and emotional issues. Due to the strength and depth of the sessions deep transformations can be achieved in a short period of time. The result is recovery of emotional balance, stronger grounding,and more frequent and deeper feelings of happiness

 2. Vortex Healing ®
Vortex Healing ® is known for its powerful ability to solve conditioning. Vortex Healing® also accelerates the process of spiritual ripening and awakening.

During sessions it is the Oneness Awareness approach that is generally used.